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International Sales Manager at Stella-Jones. Graduated in Finance with a concentration in Economics, International Business and Accounting from Mercyhurst University in Pennsylvania, USA. It has been in the rail industry since 2010 with a major focus on the North American market for sleepers, different types of preservatives and their uses around the world. He has been involved with maintenance and railroad construction projects in North America, South America, Europe and Africa. He worked closely with Brazilian railroads, such as MRS, to conduct economic feasibility studies and performance of wood sleepers in heavy rail transport applications.



Graduated in Electrical Engineering from the Vale do Rio Doce University (Univale) in Governador Valadares, postgraduate in Engineering of Industrial Projects by the University of the East of Minas Gerais (Unileste / MG), Mechanical Technician by Technical School Interescolar / MG. Acting as Technical in the maintenance of large equipment via permanent, technical reliability in the maintenance of large equipment of permanent track, Technician in analysis and inspection of contracts (Railway win x mines), Performance in Railway Engineering (VALE), as Engineer in the discipline of permanent track, track machines and off-road construction and earthmoving equipment, Acted in the research and development of new materials and processes of superstructure, maintenance equipment of permanent route for Heavy Haul railways. Currently, as a permanent track engineer / Track machines, in knowledge management and integrated solutions at Vale's Center of Excellence, where he is a technical participant of the Under Rail Chair, technical participant of the Roda Rail Chair, working in the EC locomotive engineering team (corridor engineering), participates in the analysis of performance indicators, development of new technologies to solve bottlenecks involving the production chain and management of permanent track and locomotives in the Center of excellence of railroad management in VALE.


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He holds a degree in Production Engineering from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora and a Specialization in Rail Freight Transportation from the Military Engineering Institute. He is currently Rail Specialist II at MRS Logística S / A., Working in the area of ​​Reliability of Via Permanente for more than 5 years. He also holds a Master's Degree in Production Engineering - Transportation and Logistics from PUC Rio.



Control and Automation Engineer by CEFET-MG. He started a railroad career in 2012 by the MRS Logística trainee program, and at the end of the program he worked on the development of algorithms for internal process improvement, one of them having won a patent in 2016. He currently works as Planning, Circulation and Operational Control Specialist in MRS Logística aimed at reducing costs and efficiency / productivity, either through the search for new technologies or improvement of processes.



Civil Engineer graduated from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (2017) and currently works as Programador de Operação Ferroviária at MRS Logística. Participated in the Tutorial Education Program (PET), which organized conferences and competitions, as well as developing a team engineering project. He was a Maintenance Engineering intern in the Reliability and Control of the Permanent Track section of MRS Logística, which developed a project focused on the analysis of the technical and economic viability of alternative material for passage at the vehicles level, besides contributing to the organization of a workshop Sleepers and Fixings.



Production Engineer graduated from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora. He has 11 years of experience in the railroad sector, with the passage of the Maintenance and Engineering of Via Permanent in the MRS and Rumo concessionaires. He is currently Coordinator of Development Engineering at Rumo, working with materials for permanent track and rolling stock. Active member in CB06 of ABNT, participating in the elaboration and revision of standards of rails, fixings, sleepers and ballast. He has technical papers published in national and international congresses, among them IHHA 2011 and 2017.



Graduated in Civil Engineering from UEMA of São Luis, post-graduate in MBA in Project Management by FGV. She has worked as a project engineer responsible for the development of Basic and Detailed Engineering of capital projects in Porto, as an engineer responsible for the supervision and management of works, and planning and execution of the commissioning. She currently works as a permanent track engineer in Vale's Railway Engineering, where she conducts research and development of new superstructure materials, such as sleepers, fixings and ballast, and search for new technologies and solutions for permanent track implementation. Participates in standardization and railway studies working groups. It has interest in studies by elements of superstructure such as dormant, rail fixings and ballast and improvement of the performance of these materials in the permanent way.



Materials Engineer graduated from the State University of Ponta Grossa. He has been working in the railroad since 2010, where he worked for five years at ALL and currently works in the area of ​​Railroad Development Engineering at RUMO. It deals with topics related to the development of materials, suppliers and new technologies for wagon maintenance. Has an article published in a congress abroad.



Mechanical Engineer graduated from the State University of Santa Catarina, with postgraduate in Railway Engineering, with more than six years of experience in the railway sector. Knowledge in the areas of mechanical maintenance of locomotives, technical specification of parts and components for locomotives and wagons. Elaborates technical procedures for maintenance and specification of materials. Participates in special projects such as the acquisition of underground lathes (for locomotives), portal (wagons, backshop) and wheel-rail project. He is currently a member of Rumo Development Engineering, in collaboration with professionals such as Agnaldo Lopes and Luiz Henrique Hungria.


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Electrical Engineer / Energy graduated from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora. He works on the railroad as Railway Specialist - Data Science at MRS Logística. Has experience in the area of ​​Engineering Maintenance and Reliability, modeling and optimization applied to dynamic systems through computational intelligence methods. Currently holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering / Computational Intelligence from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora. His publications and participation in Congresses include IHHA - Narvik 2019, The Rise of Iot & big Data in Ral - Munich 2018, ARDC North America - Portland 2018, Data Analytics Innovation Harvard Business Review - São Paulo 2019, and Silicon Valley Conference.


Civil Engineer graduated from the Federal University of Ceará, with a master's degree in Transport Infrastructure from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo. Developed his masters research focusing on the use of tarmac sub-ballast in permanent ballast, including the construction, instrumentation and follow-up of an experimental section in line concessioned to the company MRS Logística S.A., in Baixada Santista. Has experience in projects of evaluation and monitoring of permanent way and characterization of materials in laboratory and in situ. She is currently a doctoral student at IFSTTAR (French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks), in co-operation with the University of São Paulo. Its current focus is on the study and feasibility of using asphalt mix as a support layer for guided transport (railways, tramways and, innovatively, electrified road systems).


Graduated in Mechanical Engineering and currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Electromechanical Maintenance Engineering from PUC-Minas, he has been with MRS since 2013. He has worked in the field of reliability in locomotive workshops and since 2017 is Reliability Engineering Specialist focused on rolling stock (locomotives and track maintenance equipment), being responsible for predictive maintenance such as oil and grease analysis, vibration, thermography and others.